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Shen Wellness Studio is located in historic Roswell in a relaxing, contemporary space.

My patients say they feel like they can exhale as soon as they enter my studio. That means a lot to me because I’ve chosen every detail with intention, from the modern and natural furniture to the gentle music, dim lighting and aromatherapy candles. This is your sanctuary, should you need one.
Shen Wellness Studio
Patients are invited to treat themselves to a cup of herbal tea before their appointment.
Shen Wellness Tea
I love helping people create a sacred space of their own. I offer a curated selection of flower essence mists and elixirs as well as a range of aromatherapy candles, therapeutic bath salts, healing teas, jewelry, journals and stones for sale in my studio.
Shen Wellness Retail
My treatment room is a comfortable, calming space designed to support the healing process.
Shen-Treatment Room